We meet the need of over 70 orphans and other vulnerable children in Busoga region. We provide them access to quality education to all children. if a child’s future is brightened, their drams come true hence if OVCs given a chance to go to school, they can not be involved in offensive crimes such as stealing, ending up on the streets.

If these children get better education, they can be able to find employment to secure their future as we empower their families to get a chance to get a sustainable income. Helping a child to break through a serious poverty is a great work.

Here in Busoga, Uganda, there is a big number if children who lack education but us at GPCM, Education is one of our main objective to be provided to many children as possible so that they have a meaningful and independent lives, be informed about their healthy and well-being. This will reduce the chances of early marriages, teenage pregnancy and HIV/AIDS in their communities.

Education being the best tool to change the face of our nation, we need to provide continuous aid to many struggling children but we lack support; therefore, we are seeking for your support and prayers as we serve many children who are lacking education.

It’s a choice where to donate!

Taking an orphan to school.

We are always able to pay school fees and scholastic materials every term to over 50 children. In Uganda, we have 3 terms a year. Therefore, we sponsor a child if anyone interested to support a child, any donation is welcome.

School payments happens at the beginning of the term. We support children with Books, Pens, Mathematical set, Food, School uniform, school fees and other essentials depending on the school.

Clothing a naked child

At GPCM, we love and care about the vulnerable children and as it was written in Psalms … “blessed are those who consider the poor…” we are committed to dress the naked children by providing clothes, shoes, sandals and other necessities required for a struggling children who can not access those essentials.

If you would love to sponsor a child, please fill in the contact form below so we can send you sponsorship details. Thank You!